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About Us

Our Pledge

We, the Board of Trustees of the Chiloquin Vector Control District pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Our Goals

The goals of the District are to:

  1. Prevent new vector sources from developing,
  2. Abate existing vector populations and their sources in order to protect public health and comfort,
  3. Reduce the level of vector populations throughout the District, as well as reduce vector and human interaction,
  4. Reduce pesticide use within the District by source reduction and improving beneficial predator populations,
  5. Provide the best control service possible while being environmentally responsible.

What We Offer

  1. All pesticides are applied by licensed and insured employees of the District's Contractor.
  2. All pesticide applications are applied only after justified in accordance with our approved Pesticide Use Plan and the Pesticide Discharge Management Plan.
  3. The CVCD's policy is to utilize an Integrated Pest Management program.  Source reduction and larviciding are the primary control methods.
  4. Truck or ATV mounted fogging is only used as a last resort.
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