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Public Records Request

All records of the Chiloquin Vector Control District are available for public review.

All public records created by the Chiloquin Vector Control District are available in accordance with State and Federal Law.  Click here.

The most common records are available within this website and updated regularly.  If there are records not found on this website, please request the records using the form below.  Click here for most commonly requested public records.

If you prefer to print and mail your check along with this form to the district, please find the form in PDF format below:

Records Request

Mail To: 

P.O. Box 860, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624


If you fill in the form below, please mail us a check to the above address and check the box below.


Information Request

Please attach a check for $20.00 payable to the Chiloquin Vector Control District. Should your request exceed 25 pages, or 2 years of meeting recordings. The District will contact you and provide an estimated cost to produce the documents or recordings. Exempt documents per ORS 837.362(2)(b) are not provided. All documents or recordings provided on USB thumb drives. Cost includes mailing by certified mail.
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