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Why isn't the fogging truck coming through my neighborhood routinely? 

The CVCD utilized an Integrated Pest Management approach as required by State and Federal Regulations and Policies.  The CVCD focuses on the larval stage of the mosquito development in order to reduce the adult mosquitoes.  Truck fogging is only used as a last resort.  In addition, it costs approximately $10/minute to fog.

We hear about West Nile in areas surrounding Chiloquin, but Chiloquin has not had West Nile reported since 2007, Why? 

The CVCD spends approximately 80% of our resources to prevent mosquitoes from hatching off from larvae to adult mosquitoes.  Therefore the mosquito populations are significantly lower.  In addition, the CVCD targets the Culex species more precisely than other species.  Additionally, the Culex species is most active during the evenings and that is one reason the CVCD does the vast majority of fogging during the evening hours. 

Other Districts in the area do the majority, if not all, fogging during the day time.  This does not kill off the West Nile transmitting mosquitoes.  Therefore, their fogging is not as effective against the West Nile carrying mosquitoes and West Nile continues to be endemic.


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