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Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM)

Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM), also known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive mosquito prevention/control strategy that utilizes all available mosquito control methods  to attack the known weaknesses of mosquitoes in order to reduce their numbers to tolerable levels while remaining environmentally responsible.  IMM does not mean mosquito extermination or eradication.  Integrated Mosquito Management methods are specifically tailored to safely counter each stage of the mosquito life cycle.

Prudent mosquito management practices for the control of immature mosquitoes (larvae and pupae) include such methods as the use of biological controls (native, noninvasive predators), source reduction (water or vegetation management or other compatible land management uses), water sanitation practices as well as the use of EPA-registered larvicides.

When source elimination or larval control measures are not feasible or are clearly inadequate, or when faced with imminent mosquito-borne disease, application of EPA-registered adulticides by applicators trained in the safe and effective use of these products may be needed.  Adulticide products are chosen based upon their demonstrated efficacy against species targeted for control, resistance management concerns and minimization of potential environmental impact.

Full implementation of modern-day IMM entails significant expenditure of resources that are affected by CVCD's significant budget constraints.  IMM requires a thorough understanding of mosquitoes and their bionomics by control personnel; careful inspection and monitoring for their presence and conditions favoring their development; and prevention of oviposition and human/mosquito contact through effective public education, sanitation and facility maintenance.  Chiloquin Vector Control District strives to employ these IMM components to the extent possible, but resource availability limits what we can do.  As with all IMM programs, CVCD's intervention measures are driven by a demonstrated need based on surveillance data and action thresholds.

Applying any mosquito control measure on a pre-determined schedule absent a documented need is not acceptable practice in any IMM program and not the practice of the Chiloquin Vector Control District.

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